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Film Director, Editor, Photographer



·        Education 


                Master’s Degree in Cinema              

                University of Arts (Faculty of Cinema and Theatre), Tehran, Iran

             Thesis: Cinema and Poetry.                                                                                         


            Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc.) in Film Directing          

               University of Art (Faculty of Cinema and Theatre), Tehran, Iran

            Thesis: Existentialism and loneliness in Antonioni movies.


   Diploma in Video and Audio Editing    

   (Avid, After Effect, Photoshop, and Boris) - LaSalle College, Montreal, Canada







Films Experiences (Editing, Directing, Script writing):



There Is A Garden (Documentary, HD Video, 30min): Film Editor    


A Documentary-Animation about Islamic regime in Iran and Its damages after revolution.


The African-Baluchi Trance Dance (Documentary, Video, 28min): Film Editor    

A documentary about a traditional dance and healing in Iran.


The Rooster (Short film, Video, 30min): Film Director, writer & Editor                       

Le Coq (French version). The story of a lonely man who lives in Montréal.


Goodbye Edna (Short film, HD Video, 12min): Film Director, writer & Editor              

A dark-comedy about four musicians and a corpse.


The Food Space (Documentary, Video, 10min): Editor                                             

A documentary about the access to healthy and affordable food in university.


The Final Word (Documentary, Video, 60min): Editor                                            

A documentary about one of the biggest Iranian modern poets named: Ahmad Shamlou


Forbidden Sun Dance (Documentary, Video, 30min): Editor, Camera                   

A documentary about a Persian dance teacher in Montréal


The Last Rosebud (Feature film script): writer                                                         

A dark-comedy action script


The Peacock (Feature film script): writer                                                                  

A labyrinth drama story about four roommate girls from different countries,

which took five years to finish and was finally completed in the July of 2006.


Wedding murders (Feature film, Fiction, 35mm, 80min): Film editor                       

A feature film, which has not yet been released.


Man in Bottle (Animation, 35mm, 5min): Technical support                                      

Image and sound effects editing.


The Peacock (Short film, Video, 20min): Film director, Writer, Camera and Editor      

The story of a girl who is talking to herself about the society and her roommates.


LA LA (Documentary, Video, 15min): Film director, Editor                                         

A documentary about immigrants who learn French in Université de Montréal.


TV announcement: Film Director, Writer, Editor                                                            

- Roshd international film festival.

- The Iranian Museum of Nature and Wildlife.                                                                  


The End of the sea (Short film, 16mm, 15min): Film Director, Writer and Producer       

A dark-comedy about a routine life in the modern society.


The Blue room (Documentary, 16mm, 20min): Film Director, Writer and Producer       

A documentary about one of the biggest Iranian modern poets and painter Sohrab Sepehri.


Black (Short film, 16mm, 20min): Film Director                                                           

When his wife passes away, someone pursues him until he refuges to his friend.


The Land of the death (Short film, 16mm, 7min): Film Director, Writer and Editor         

Every body has a different imagination about his bag when he sleeps in a park.


The land of nothing (Documentary, 16mm, 10min): Film Director, Writer and Editor  

Life from the birth to death in a few shots.


The land of Ah (Short film, 8mm, 15min): Film Director, Writer and Editor                  

When a 10 years old boy decides to find his favorite book, he surprise about the story.


·        Other experiences  :



- Editor-in-chief weekly cultural & art magazine, “DIDAR” in Montreal.             2006-07


- Board member of Nima library association in Montreal                                 2001-5


- Manager of Aran Film production in Iran                                                      1998-2000


- Dramatic Expert in Iranian TV& Radio Broadcasting.                                     1998-9


- Teacher of Filmmaking program in City Hall Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran.     1996-7             



    ·        Awards & Plaques:


Best film editor:                                                                                         1986

Best Film Editing award at the Youth Film Festival in Iran for the Land of Ah.                       


Appreciation award plaque for The Blue Room.                                        1996

Roshd International Film and Video Festival.             


Appreciation award plaque for The Blue Room.                                        1996

City Hall Cultural Center.


Appreciation award plaque for Photo exhibition.                                      1998

Photo exhibition in the Iranian Museum of Nature and Wildlife.




·        Photo Exhibitions:



- Canada, Montreal, Art Gallery 411, Soul Exhibition                                   2015


- Canada, Montreal, Mai Gallery, Group Exhibition                                       2015


- Canada, Montreal, Mai Gallery, Group Exhibition                                       2014


- Canada, Montreal, Z Gallery, Group Exhibition                                          2012


- Belgium, Antwerp, Felix Gallery, Soul Exhibition                                       2011


- Canada, Toronto, Banu Gallery, Soul Exhibition                                       2011


- Canada, Montreal, Ctrllab Gallery, Soul Exhibition                                    2011


- Iran, Tehran, Museum of Nature and Wildlife, Group exhibition               1998


- Iran, Tehran, City Hall Cultural Centre, Soul Exhibition                            1997